is it make our girls exhausted ??????

a moderator of a fansite, said that to us. That this project would make our girls exhausted.

that's thruth we think....
just if this project would create in this short time...........
since SNSD have lot of concert, CF, and other's this time, this project would be impossible to be truth.

but that's not a problem later we think....
and if this drama is impossible, because the manga-based were have long episode and that makes our SNSD exhausted too, because they all must have cast the drama and do another activity like concert, CF, variety show and etc. we think that not truth at all.

because if you watch/read the "school rumble" you can see the character not involved all the SNSD in the one episode very much, even in the first term (anime) the character that involved just Tenma, Takano, Sawachika, Suou, and Yakumo. but all the character (except Tenma) doesn't appear to much too.

so it's not a problem isn't it???

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