the last two MV from our girls new album "girl's genereation first japanesse album" and the first two new song that made from their new song ( before that just re-make), is very different. but what MV that most enjoyable??

let's we compare the two of them:

"Mr. TAXI" custome is very neat and stretch, make a really good foundation to show the line of our girls body, mostly the black one (really like catwoman custom), and the other one is the shiny yellow one, we think these custome just and ordinary, just to match with the song("Mr. TAXI"),

"BAD GIRL" on the other side, to make an impression of  bully girls or some "rider" they use jeans jacket and so on, but when we look at that,that's like some old joke of girls, from 80's or 90's movies, not that good we think. but the other custome is better, maybe the custome not show the line of girls of something like that, but the custome really made with the dark and sexy side of the MV.

2. coreography
"Mr. TAXI with lot of gesture and rotation seems good, their dance is on the ryhme and that make a good impression and look, their formation too, is really good and more skillful than their previous dance moves,  the combination of all that is really good.

"BAD GIRL" is good too, their dance is better from "Mr. TAXI" at some point.The techno song made the dance very attractive and dynamic, (hope they not tired to sing that song while dancing). But their formation is really crawled  and we can see several moves, from their previous dance moves.

3. cinematography & finishing
the last is the cinematography and the finishing touch of the MV, as we can see in this area, "BAD GIRL" really overtake the "Mr. TAXI". because in Mr. TAXI MV the transtition and the movement of the camera is really bad, their cut-off and made, make the show mess-up really sad,  all that kind of problem made the viewer going to feel dizzy before they can enjoy the song and the dance of the girls(that's make the dance version much better than the MV version). And also as you can see, beside their yellow custome we can't tell what side is on the theme (Mr. TAXI??).  

but in"BAD GIRL" we can see that all that problem being fixed, as we can see the angle of the camera, the transtition and the cut-off really clean, that's all make we can enjoy the MV and the dynamic move of our girls dance moves, and also the effect and their sync with the theme "BAD GIRL" is really good, from custome, stage, and atmosphere. that's all made "BAD GIRL" really overtake "MR. TAXI". 

so with all the analyze we choose "BAD Girl" for the winner.

transformation of the girls

from new MV(music video of our girls "BAD GIRL" we can see new transformation of the girls,
from cute and girly in famous "GEE" and "OH!" to sexy and mature "Mr.TAXI" and "BAD GIRL"
check the pic to see the different



from there, we can see the effort of image changing, because we can't denied that the girls grew older and sexier. but still there's lot of sone's that won't let the cute and girly side of the girl.

we think that unwish, because we can't denied that the girls will grew older and they can't act cute ever!!!!
so they step to go mature is clever and good, 

SNSD new HOT song "Mr. TAXI", great song, bad MV

are you think these video bad??? we think it's not!!
but with these great song, we think the Music Video (MV) is not enough to make the song big.
apparently, the Dance Version is better than the MV (check it out)

can you see why Dance Version better than the Music Video Version?
in Music Video the camera roll so lazy, so we can't feel the effect of song (it's techno song isn't it, with high beat) but MV play with really fast transitions (this kind of video play, don't make us feel the song.... it's just make we dizzy), but in Dance Version, because it's just play the Dance, we won't feel dizzy with fast transition and unfortunately, the camera roll so smooth and better than MV (we don't say that the rolling of camera is the best for this song, but it's better that MV Version).
the sensual images of the girls also not pleased (sooyoung and yuri can do better)

Tiffany face changing, just get skinny or surgery??

what do you think about Tiffany new look,
yes, it's really HOT!!!!! (i like it!!)).......(but isn't it really different from the ol day)??

we really appreciate her effort to please her fans (including us : ) )
 but to change these drastic, we think it's not necessary
(hope it's just photoshop) hehehe

is it not weird??

this is not weird? we don't know why, but Taeyeon Haircut in Run Devil Run Japanesse Version looks really similar with Takano (taeyeon cast) in our project, we don't know if our project give them some advice, but if that the case, we really appreciate that, and we hope they would take this project into their consideration.