Why School Rumble?

why school rumble???

lots of sone's asking this question.........
because they feel the story kind of boring and doesn't develope at all
and they feel kinda tired because of storyline that so repetitive (harima trying to confess to tenma but fail, tenma tying to confess to karasuma but fail and repeat again and again) especially in the first term of anime series.

yeah, we also think that was the weakness from this manga/anime........
and we think that's not good for our girls debuted drama.....

we already say  that this manga chosen is because the character similarity, the important thing that re-make should concern is the similarity of the character. because the audience will judge not just from the story but also from the character (are they similar or not) because lot of re-make to live action fail because they can't match the character really well (example : avatar the last airbender movie, etc)

so if this manga would be the based manga of our girls first drama, we hope the writer's would make some change to the storyline to make it more interesting, but still not leave the interesting point of this manga. (comedy, parody, etc).

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