with the power of the SONE's we together can make this project to be real!!!!!!

this idea start when our SNSD would cast in a drama that based on Japan's manga. then we make a research of the manga.....
and last we found this manga.........


School Rumble is a romantic comedy revolving around the daily lives of the students of Class 2-C at the fictional Yagami High School, as well as their friends and families. The main female protagonist is Tenma Tsukamoto, an unremarkable second-year high school student who secretly admires her eccentric, enigmatic, nice-guy classmate, Oji Karasuma. Tenma struggles to confess her feelings to Oji. He remains oblivious to her interest, instead seeking fulfillment by indulging in curry. The main male protagonist, delinquent Kenji Harima, similarly yearns for Tenma, attending school solely to be near her. Like Tenma, Harima has difficulty declaring his love, and whenever he summons the courage to do so, circumstances conspire against him.

Harima complicates the love triangle through constant bumbling, and misunderstandings among the students aggravate the situation. Harima becomes involved with Tenma's close friend, Eri Sawachika, after the pair are thrown together in mutually embarrassing situations. Later in the series, he develops a friendship with Tenma's younger sister, Yakumo Tsukamoto, who becomes Harima's assistant on a manga he writes. The plots of Harima's stories portray a Harima-like hero fighting to save a Tenma-like damsel in various historical or fantastical situations, usually in battle against an obvious facsimile of Karasuma. After the hero saves the heroine, she always falls in love with him. Yakumo's relationship with Harima causes problems with Class 2-C's student representative, Haruki Hanai, who has a crush on Yakumo, with the sisters' shared surname causing Harima and Hanai to misinterpret the object of each others' respective infatuations.Although Harima manages to engineer romantic encounters with Tenma, her relationship with Karasuma nevertheless progresses, and Harima's bonds with Eri and Yakumo grow stronger. Eventually Tenma musters the courage to confess her love, but shortly after Karasuma loses his memory. His amnesia gives a purpose to Tenma's life; she concentrates on her studies to become a doctor and help Karasuma.

Although School Rumble focuses on Harima and Tenma, the series explores a number of supporting characters. These include Tenma's friends Mikoto Suo, who runs a kenpō dojo where her childhood friend, Hanai, trains, and Akira Takano, a mysterious and uncannily perceptive girl. As the story progresses, more major characters are introduced into the relationship web.

The series ends with Class 2-C's graduation ceremony. At this point most of the plot-lines are settled, but there is no clear resolution for the main protagonists. Karasuma still suffers from memory loss, and although Harima attends the ceremony with Eri, the status of his relationship with Yakumo is uncertain.(source : school rumble).

The idea of this manga is quite simple and maybe for you that doesn't like comedy-manga, this manga is quite boring....
But since the story grow, the story get interesting, because we can see the drama, comedy, action and many more in this, maybe you just can see the manga or the anime .......
reference : School Rumble

At the first place, thing's that make we choose this manga is not because the story.......
we choose this manga because of the similarity of the character in this manga with the image of the nine member in SNSD that we get from variety show and etc. (since we are the fans of them :thumbsup: )

Let we explain what the similarity :

Jessica - Eri Sawachika


While idolized by most of the male population of her class, Eri frequently spurns their attention. Most of this attention comes from the image that she presents in public. On the surface, she appears to be graceful, calm, and under control. On the inside however, she is a turmoil of emotions - proud, jealous, and insecure. Only her closest friends understand both facets of her character.

Eri feels isolated on two fronts. The girls resent her for being attractive, and the guys see only her external beauty - most of them have no interest in her as a person. As a result, Eri is constantly forced to listen to insincere confessions. At the same time, she is an idealist, dreaming of finding someone who sees her for who she is.

Throughout the series, Eri recieves a number of confessions from her classmates. In this regard, Eri is very direct, responding to the confessions based on their sincerity. While she is normally very polite in her responses, she has little tolerance for insincerity or arrogance. Out of all of the confessions that Eri recieves, Harima's confession to her stands out, possessing a genuineness and a passion that none of the other confessions had.(source : Sawachika Eri)

this character is really similar !!!!! . the character that looks so cold on the surface but for the truth she have a warm, kind and have lot of pride of a woman in her, is really similar with Jessica image that we have from variety and etc. And beside they physically looks same too, isn't it?????

Sunny - Tsukamoto Tenma

Tenma is shown to have a very naiive and positive personality. She usually puts her positivity with her determination to get close to Karasuma. Tenma worries she has no good qualities, as she can only think of the bad qualities she has. She is quite childish, but really wants to be thought of as a woman. Tenma has a habit of misunderstanding and misinterpreting situations, even obvious ones. She is quite naive and gullible, as she is willing to trust anyone.(source : tsukamoto tenma)

Since we know that sunny have a lot of expression (Aegyo Queen ) and her nickname is SNSD energy's pill we think this character is really match for her, because this character have lot of spirit and really think positive for everything that she had. and because we can see the physical similarity too  (same height, same body, and also famous with they cuteness and childish image) and if you see the manga/anime when harima in hospital , he praise tenma about her big butt!!!! (really same isn't it !!!! hehehe :laugh: )

Sooyoung - Suou Mikoto

Kind and cheerful most of the time, she quick to anger when bothered and won't think twice to beat a guy up if he tries something dirty as it often the case, given the unusual size of her breasts, which seem to be the biggest in school. However cute and feminine she might look on the outside, Mikoto is actually very tough and brave and will stand up to anyone who tries to hurt or make fun of her friends, or whenever she sees injustice, no matter who her opponent might be. On the other side, she treats and cares for her friends, with great love and concern, and supports and helps them in a way that's almost motherly, going out of her way on many occasions to help and reach out to them.

As strong as she is, Mikoto is as weak as anybody else when it comes to love, and the fact that everyone else relies on her, makes it difficult and lonely for her when she's

down, as it would seem sometimes that she doesn't have anyone to rely on.] (Source : Suou Mikoto)

We think the character personality is really match with sooyoung image.......
Someone that so cheerfull and kind and have lot of care to everyone around her. And we can see they are physically similar too, except their breast size and sport capability..... But since their personality is perfectly match, we think it's not a problem

Taeyeon - Takano Akira

As serious and cold-blooded as she appears to be, she's a very kind person and cares for her friends, but her pride and sarcasm often make her appear cold and

merciless to others; her friends however, know better than that and they care for, and respect her, often relying on her to help them with schoolwork.

Akira presents an emotionless facade to the world in order to drive others away. She seeks to avoid contact with others out of fear that she is inadequate. Even though she is obviously quite skilled in certain areas she does not want to display those skills in front of others for two reasons. First that people might recognize her failings and point them out. Second that people might praise her, but knowing that she has

not met her own impossible standards such praise only makes her feel worse. Thus by adopting an air of mystery she builds a barrier between herself and others and conceals the true extent of her abilities.(Source :Takano Akira)

Takano character famous by her charisma, this also the image that we have in Taeyeon the kid leader......
And they also have exactly same expression (check the picture) their different just the hairstyle. We wonder that Taeyeon would change her hairstyle like this


or with black


we think that's not bad.... (what do you think, Guys??)

Seohyun - Tsukamoto Yakumo

Yakumo's character traits are identifiable with the typical female roles played throughout Asian society, a caring woman with strong family ties. Traditionally, Asian women are supportive, but dependent on the individuals they are close to. Thus, in Yakumo's case, her dependency would be Tenma. Yakumo has a strong personal duty to house work, cleaning, and is very diligent and well-mannered. She accepts the social position of caretaker and executes her responsibilities without complaints. She does not have a personal agenda or goals and her sole desire is to serve her family.

This persona relates her closely to the generic female role in Asia but also crosses her over into another classification "the Housewife", or Yamato Nadeshiko, which is commonly found in male audience oriented anime. On top of her house duties, Yakumo's demure and shy nature blends with her acute mannerism to portray the perfect wife candidate. This character trait is further emphasized by Yakumo's ability to exceed in almost everything, such as; sports, schoolwork, and games. She is well knowledgeable and elegant yet has a high tolerance. She is never overtly angry nor does she show signs of frustration. (Source :Tsukamoto Yakumo)

Cool and beauty image are perfectly match with Seohyun image that we get.this Yakumo character had an image of maknae and
also perfectly calm too.
You can see the physical similarity too,  their different just the hairstyle. But we think Seohyun doesn't need to change her hairstyle because her image now are perfectly match with the character

Tiffany - Karen Ichigo

Karen is very shy and caring, but also very responsible and hard working. In Ep. 7, she is the only student who cares about doing the job they were assigned (cleaning the pool). She also works for a moving company, where the manager refers to her as Ichi-san. While this sort of work perfectly suits her strength, it causes her to feel less feminine, in that she can often outlift the guys (as seen in Ep. 14). Her shyness often causes her to be less self confident in personal affairs, but she tries hard.

Her caring for others is seen in several places as well. In Ep. 18, during her date with Imadori Kyousuke, she saves him from Tennouji Noboru by scaring the big goon off. Saving Imadori has become somewhat of a theme for Karen, since recently, Karen has been saving Imadori from the assaults of Lala Gonzalez, who can't stand the "banana-otoko". After her date with Imadori, Karen is seen comforting a depressed Tsukamoto Tenma, who is incidentally depressed because she found out Imadori doesn't like Karen in a romantic way (ah Tenma, you matchmaker you). Neverthless, Karen is kind to Tenma, and tells her it's ok. Still another example of her caring is seen in the Survival Game, where she refuses to shoot at Suou Mikoto out of fear of hitting her friend and teammate Sagano Megumi.

Having a quiet and shy personality, Karen is often not confident or even aware of the great ability she possess. She is a great wrestler, but really doesn't think so. She is also very shy, especially around guys, which makes it all the harder for her to approach her love interest, Imadori. (Source : Ichijou Karen)

They are just looks same (isn't it??)but with the cuteness and eye-smile, their physical similarity is perfect.

Yuri - Osakabe Itoko

The physics teacher and Harima's older cousin. Itoko is also Harima's roommate and guardian, although she makes him pay for his share of the rent. She later evicted Harima after he volunteered to become engaged to Eri as a favor, resulting in him residing with Yakumo and Sarah in the Tsukamoto residence. Though she does not show it, she does care for him and realises just how much Tenma has changed him. Her figure is admired by the perverted boys of Class 2-C. She has a fear that her past will get brought up, a weakness which Sasakura uses against her.

"Itoko" is also homonymous with the word "cousin" in Japanese which makes it a pun. Due to this pun, when Harima says "my cousin" it can be mistaken that he is saying "my Itoko".

Itoko is currently the 8th most popular character in the most recent popularity poll. (Source :Osakabe Itoko)

Physically they are looks same (look at the picture ) and also their image of sexy  match each other. The different just their skin color but that's not a problem.

Hyoyeon - Lala Gonzales


Lala's personality is considered to be one of the most rough girls in Yagami High School. It's all based on because she is a pro wrestler and has to be very rough. Her roughness started when wrestled Tenma during the wrestling match. Then hours later on the same day, she saw Karen and tried to be rough to her and tried to fight her. When she transferred to Yagami High School, she was pretty rough when she came to Class 2-C to eat lunch with Megumi, Yuuki, and Karen. There, she met Imadori for the first time and was disturbed by his perverted behavior. She then got annoyed of Tenma with her imitation of a wrestler so she suffocated her. Because of her suffocating Tenma, Mikoto came in to challange Lala. Lala then happily challanges Mikoto saying that she will be very rough at the Sports Festival and that she better watch out.(Source : Lala Gonzales)

We choose Hyoyeon for this character because of her strong image was similar with Lala gonzales, beside because Hyoyeon face looks western, so we think Lala character will match her. They different just their skin color and also it's not a problem.

YoonA Matching

We can't match really well those all character with our deer YoonA....
We think it's because YoonA have some kind of personality that match with them.
but if we have to choose Youko Sasakura or Tae Anegasaki are have same apperance with YoonA
but if we should match the personality, maybe we should choose Megumi Sagano

Choi Si Won - Harima Kenji

In middle school, he was a well known delinquent. However, after saving Tenma Tsukamoto from some ruffians, he falls in love with her and eventually reforms himself. Currently a high school student, he divides his time between drawing manga and trying to win Tenma's heart. (source : Harima Kenji 1,]Harima Kenji 2) (Tiffany favourite men :) )

this character make me confuse to choose either Takeshi Kaneshiro or Choi Si-won...
but since Takeshi-kun are really busy (maybe.. :D ) and have an age, we think Choi Si-won would match it.

Choi Minho - Karasuma Ooji

In the anime, Karasuma is shown to be one of the most non- outgoing students inside his school (next being Nara Kentarou). He is shown to be very quiet or just saying one phrase answers shown in Episode 8 of the first season of School Rumble. When Kenji Harima asked him if he skipped lunch, Karasama just nodded istead of saying a yes or a no answer. Also in the same episode, Kenji Harima asked him if he perferred meat & potatoes over curry, Karasama simply just quietly answered out that he perferred curry.(Source : Karasuma Ooji

We are also match them because they are looks so similar, and we think minho can handle this (to act zooning :thumbsup: )

Yozikazu Kotani - Imadori Kyousuke

Imadori is a laid-back, carefree guy, who doesn't seem to have any goals in life apart from dating girls. As such, he can usually be seen doing nothing in class but calling girls on his cell phone, or hitting on any female who passes him by in the hallway. Though he hates hard work, as a result of this constant flirting, he's forced to get a job so that he can afford his numerous dates, and ends up working with Hanai, Harima and Karen.

Despite the fact that everybody knows about this Don Juan's flirtatious nature, he still finds a way to woo other girls. It is unclear just how good-looking he actually is, but he does have the talent of acting really cool and suave when he needs to. While he's repeatedly rejected by both Suou and Lala, he seems more than capable of getting plenty of dates, and has attracted the attention of both Karen and Mihara Kozue. Even though he's not physically strong, his mind is so powerful when it comes to his obsession with women, that he can actually hold his ground against the likes of black-belt Hanai, whenever he tries to stop Imadori from peeping on the girls.

Some say he's stupid, others say he's fearless, and some have even called him a hero; what is true is that Imadori somehow lacks the common sense to avoid danger, not only when his judgment is blinded by the power of D, but in most other occasions as well. Such as during his date with Karen, when he accidentally hits the school's current delinquent, Tennouji, on the face. Instead of apologizing or begging for mercy, he taunts him, despite the obvious consequences. The same happens when he meets Lala. The only person who's actually been able to inspire fear on him so far is Ichijou Karen, not only because of her enormous strength, but also probably because of the small size of her breasts, which do not interfere with his common sense. he is convinced she isn't human ( though this is mentioned only a few times throughout the series (Source : Imadori Kyousuke)

in this case, we are also match them because of the similarity appearance, but we think this character (imadori) can't match really well with Yozikazu... beside Yozikazu famous with drama like Justirizer. We think this kind of character is not match really good with him (so we need help guys who's you think can handle this character and also looks similar) :thumbsup:

that's all the review and explanation. But if you wanted to know more about the character in School Rumble we recomended you to just read the manga or watch the anime. Here the link to that :
School Rumble manga
School Rumble anime

or in anywhere you can get in hehehe :lol:

and if you have a comment, question, critic or maybe wanted to match the character in manga to the artist that you wanted to, just do that!! since it have dozens of character. and we really hope the support for this project thx :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

and we glad if you wanted to fill the petition as SONE !!!!


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